Technologies, Trends, and Policies Transforming the Food System

Technologies, Trends, and Policies Transforming the Food System

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5 weeks

Brief Description

Our food system faces dynamic and treacherous challenges, driven by population growth, rapidly changing consumer tastes, and shifting expectations and climate change. The most innovative food businesses do more than understand the issues impacting technology, trends, and policies--they create, develop, and refine them. From Personalized Nutrition to Cloud Computing to Biotechnology to Next Generation Agriculture, this fast-paced, five-week, online, survey course, Technology, Trends, and Policies Transforming the Food System, conveys essential content and context for all food business innovators. This course provides corporate intrapreneurs with the essential forecasting information they need to make high-impact contributions to their organizations--and it provides emerging innovators with direct access to industry pioneers who will unpack research, share predictions, and present approaches to transforming the food system. Click here to download a weekly course sampling.

Justin Siegel, Ph.D.

Lead Faculty

This exciting course will be led by Dr. Justin Siegel, the acting Director of the Innovation Institute for Food and Health at the University of California, Davis and founder of two companies. Dr. Siegel’s scientific efforts are on the design and discovery of enzymes of interest to modern society. He has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the Sloan Research Fellowship in 2014.

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This course is all online and asynchronous, at your own pace, with weekly deadlines and occasional weekly meetings. Please plan to commit to 3-5 hours per week.


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Who It’s For

Food industry innovators, business leaders, and corporate intrapreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs of any size company looking to make smart, strategic, high-impact, cross-disciplinary decisions that will translate into usable, action-based business models that adapt to today’s dynamic and challenging food economy.

This course will expose you to some of the brightest minds and biggest names in food system innovation from across the globe.

  • Dr. Justin Siegel

    Acting Director, Innovation Institute for Food and Health, UC Davis

    Lead Faculty

  • Dr. Justin Siegel

    Acting Director, Innovation Institute for Food and Health, UC Davis

    Lead Faculty


Along with your fellow learners, faculty, and course mentors, you will explore the ways food technologies, food trends, and food policies are driving the food cycle–from production to the disposal of food waste. You will engage in direct conversations with subject matter experts and work collaboratively with your peers on activities designed to develop your skills as you:

  • explore technology-focused ideas and products in order to evaluate their potential to impact the food system, comparing them against those emerging or already on the market;
  • conduct a gap-analysis and prepare an action plan for ways to leverage new information within your current organization or developing food venture;
  • articulate the trends impacting the food cycle through the production of white papers and digital media designed to create high-impact, innovative solutions;
  • work with industry leaders on developed case studies in order to put your knowledge into practice and demonstrate a competitive advantage; and
  • produce media-rich policy papers and press releases that address topics, including the impact of land, water, and energy policies on the food system.

This course will present you with opportunities to connect with cutting-edge technology, developing trends, and advances in policy–but it will also provide you with the practical tools required to put that knowledge to use, whether you’re a corporate innovator, or you’re just getting started.

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