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Welcome to the Food Business School

The center for graduate and executive education from the Culinary Institute of America.

Created by the world’s premier culinary college, the CIA’s Food Business School is the definitive choice for professionals looking to lead change in vibrant food systems and to drive impact across the food, beverage, and hospitality industries.

At CIA we believe that Food is Life. Food systems have a broad influence and impact not only on cultures but on economies, finance, commerce, personal health as well as planetary health and sustainability. Regardless of your current background or industry experience, you can join the exciting food revolution. Choose the master’s programs for you or explore professional development and continuing education options. Only at CIA will you have access to the diverse range of faculty and food and wine experts, business leaders and food service operators, and prominent CIA alumni across the globe. Learn more about the Food Business School.

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Looking to Advance Your Career with a Master’s Degree?

The CIA’s Food Business School offers three online master’s programs that include a unique combination of convenient online lessons plus in-person residences with invaluable real-world networking opportunities. Choose from:

  • Drive food strategies and innovations with master’s in Food Business
  • Lead complex change with master’s in Sustainable Food Systems
  • Advance your career in beverage with master’s in Wine and Beverage Management

Additionally, our first-of-its-kind master’s in Culinary Arts will position you on the leading edge of dining and restaurant innovation.

Explore Master’s Degrees


Food Business Management Master's DegreeMaster’s in Food Business
Sustainable Food Systems Master's DegreeMaster’s in Sustainable Food Systems
Wine and Beverage Management Master's DegreeMaster’s in Wine and Beverage Management
Roth Hall, Culinary Institute of America Hyde Park, NY campusMaster’s in Culinary Arts



What They Are Saying

“The caliber of students and instructors at CIA is second to none. I will always cherish the time I spent in the master’s in Food Business program, and I highly value the lifelong connections I was able to establish along the way.”
Angela Bernstein, master’s in Food Business

Angela Bernstein, CIA student in the online master’s degree in Food Business program.

“Choosing to invest in my professional development with the Wine and Beverage Management program was easy. Online classes let me maintain my career while furthering my education, and I’m applying this new knowledge directly to my job.”
Lauren Balak, master’s in Wine and Beverage Management

Lauren Balak, CIA student in the online Master's Degree in Wine Management program.


Food business manager in a restaurant.

Looking to Upskill or Enhance Your Current Industry Knowledge?

The CIA’s Food Business School offers many professional development opportunities.​

  • Executive Courses
  • Thought Leadership Conferences
  • ProChef® Leadership Training
  • ProChef Workforce Development

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Upcoming Events and Courses

Faculty and Industry Experts​

Our faculty are among the foremost doers, makers, entrepreneurs, and innovators from the worlds of education, business, design, and technology. They share a passion for craft and mastery, but also for surprise and experimentation.

  • Philip Colicchio, Esq.

    Philip Colicchio, Esq.

    Legal Strategies and Challenges for the Restaurateur

  • Brooke Golden, FBS CIA Faculty for Differentiation, Branding, and Packaging.

    Brooke Golden

    Differentiation, Branding, and Packaging

  • Chris Cornyn, CIA faculty, online Food Business Master's Degree.

    Chris Cornyn

    Sales, Marketing, and Distribution

  • Kyleigh Wawak, CIA faculty, online Food Business Master's Degree.

    Kyleigh Wawak

    Design Thinking for Food

  • Don Buder

    Don Buder

    Capstone Project (Food Business Playbook)

  • Dr. Bruce German, CIA faculty and industry expert in food systems.

    Dr. Bruce German

    Food Systems

  • Jen Paragallo, CIA online Master's degree faculty.

    Jen Paragallo

    Building, Proving, and Prototyping

  • Helene York, CIA faculty, online Food Business Master's Degree.

    Helene York

    Manufacturing, Co-Packing, Supply Chain, and Legal Contracts

  • Robert J. Johnson, Professor of History in the Liberal Arts/Applied Food Studies Department of The Culinary Institute of America.

    Robert J. Johnson

    Professor of History in the Liberal Arts/Applied Food Studies Department of The Culinary Institute of America.

  • Justin Siegel, CIA faculty at the Food Business School

    Dr. Justin Siegel

    Acting Director, Innovation Institute for Food and Health, UC Davis

  • Matt Gregory, CIA Faculty and Director of Innovation and Emerging Platforms, Plum Organics.

    Matt Gregory

    Director of Innovation and Emerging Platforms, Plum Organics; Former Director of Operations & Supply Chain, Two Degrees

  • Kurt Huffman, Guest Innovator at the CIA's Food Business School.

    Kurt Huffman

    Owner & Managing Partner, ChefStable

  • Tom Tomich, CIA Faculty and Director, Agricultural Sustainability Institute.

    Tom Tomich

    Director, Agricultural Sustainability Institute Professor, UC Davis; Chair, Sustainable Food Systems, UC Davis

  • Neil Grimmer

    Neil Grimmer

    Founder and CEO, Habit; Co-Founder and Chairman Plum Organics

  • Adia Benson, Guest Innovator at the CIA's Food Business School

    Adia Benson

    Culinary Designer, gravitytank; Chef, Storyteller; Food Prototyping Expert



Access the CIA’s Network of Who’s Who of the Culinary World

For 75 years, the CIA has been at the center of major revolutions in the food industry. Our connections run deep, with ties to top universities, food industry leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists and food authorities from around the world, recognized brands, cultural influencers, and more.

And, with this connection, the CIA is able to bring to the master’s program faculty experts who continue to be practicing professionals—your education is uniquely grounded in practice and theory.

Learn more about your insider access to the people shaping the future of the food industry.

Many people at a networking event at the Culinary Institute of America.