Building Ethical + Environmentally Responsible Food Supply Chains

Building Ethical + Environmentally Responsible Food Supply Chains

Online Courses

Oct 7 - Nov 15

5 weeks

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As leaders in food business, how will you identify, evaluate, and (when necessary) develop procurement policies and ingredient specifications that will function in accordance with your mission, enable you to support sustainable food systems, and give your food business a competitive edge? Consumers are increasingly savvy about where their food is grown and what goes into it and they pay attention to signals before they make a purchasing decision. They are not alone. Environmental organizations are pressing for sustainable use of the earth's resources, while government agencies around the globe re-examine their approach to food policies. This mini-course will help you develop tool sets needed to map out existing supply chains in order to analyze them for advantages and inefficiencies. You'll learn how state-of-the art procurement systems can help your food business build a competitive edge while actually strengthening the health of our food system. Best of all, you'll finish the course with your own supply chain roadmap that can guide the real decisions you make for your business as you put it on a path to profitable sustainability. <!--Click on "Watch Video" below to hear more about the course from lead faculty, Helene York.

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Helene York

Lead Faculty

Now a private consultant after two decades as a supply chain innovator with global and national experience for Bon Appetit Management Company, Compass Group at Google, and Guckenheimer Enterprises, Helene has made a career of questioning business as usual, partnering with chefs, and building trust among suppliers and distributors to move in new directions.

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Starting on: October 7, 2024
(welcome + orientation 1st week & 5 weeks of course content)
Price: $149 USD

Special Rate: $476 USD for enrolling in all four Online Courses: The Building Blocks of Brand Development, Insights from Food Experience Design, The Basics of Food Venture Formation + Financing, and Building Ethical + Responsible Food Supply Chains.

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This course is all online, asynchronous, and self-paced.


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Who It's For

Food industry entrepreneurs, company founders, product marketers, brand strategists, and small business owners who seek to grow their food company, roll out new products, and connect with consumers in real, authentic, meaningful ways, while remaining true to their values.

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How will you develop procurement policies that support sustainable food systems and give your food business a competitive edge?

  • Helene York

    Manufacturing, Co-Packing, Supply Chain, and Legal Contracts

    Food BusinessSustainable Food Systems

  • Helene York

    Manufacturing, Co-Packing, Supply Chain, and Legal Contracts

    Food BusinessSustainable Food Systems


In this five-week online course, you will learn how food business leaders design supply chains through a systems approach—one that takes into account these interconnected forces of climate change, global food production, responsible sourcing, and distribution. 

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to ethical questions in supply chains and the difficulty of getting clear truths
  • Design and management of sustainable, strategic supply chains
  • How re-shaping existing supply chains can achieve new goals and outputs
  • Methods of responsible sourcing
  • How food business leaders make competitive and mission-driven procurement pathway decisions to drive system-wide change in a values-based food business
  • Positioning a values-based business with respect to catalyzing and shaping supply chains for today and the future

One of the most accomplished experts in food supply chain design and implementation in the world, lead faculty Helene York has had numerous business leadership roles with leading food companies: Chief Procurement Officer, Head of Social and Environmental Responsibility, Global Director of Responsible Business, and Director of Strategic Initiatives. She has developed supply chains and lectured to students and professionals around the world and teaches the Supply Chains, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Legal Contracts course as part of the master’s degree program at the CIA’s Food Business School. Helene graduated from Harvard College and the Yale School of Management.

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