Jean Hagan

Jean Hagan

Faculty Bio

Courses: Restaurant Operations and Management Strategies; Business Fundamentals.


Jean has owned, operated, and consulted in the restaurant industry for almost 30 years. During that time she worked with a well-known national chain, managed food and beverage for several ski facilities in Squaw Valley, and became the president, CEO, and shareholder of one of the highest-grossing restaurants in California. Today she is principal and leads the restaurant operations consulting practice at KROST, a California-based accounting firm.

Bringing a unique skill set and extensive industry experience to her role at KROST, Ms. Hagan consults with clients at the store operations and strategic management levels. Her expertise and drive has helped develop the firm’s consulting practice to include services such as P&L coaching, restaurant openings, systems automation, business management, sequence of service, check average analysis, management bonus structures, labor and related costs analysis, POS systems analysis, flash reporting implementation and analysis, and much more.

A graduate of the Delaware Valley College of Sciences, Ms. Hagan is a member of the National Restaurant Association and PrimeGlobal International Association.