Alan Murray, CIA faculty, online Wine & Beverage Management Master's degree program.

Alan M. Murray

Faculty Bio

Certification Credentials: MS

Course: The Old World—Southern and Eastern Europe.


Alan Murray has been an esteemed sommelier and wine expert since studying under Master Sommeliers Larry Stone and CIA graduate Rajat Parr ’96 at San Francisco’s renowned Rubicon Restaurant from 1998 to 2001. A native of Australia, Alan earned his Master Sommelier distinction in 2005.

Currently a masters level examiner at the Court of Master Sommelier’s in San Francisco, CA, Alan is responsible for scheduling the teaching masters and lecture assignments, selecting and purchasing wines, booking the venue, and recording results and certificates. He also proctors all levels of the exams—from Introductory to Master—and serves as a mentor for candidates.

Chosen to serve as Bay Area Ambassador for Wines of Germany, Alan educates local sommeliers and wine buyers about the quality of German wines and their ability to pair with food, and hosts an education seminar and lunch showcasing some non-obvious German wines in the wine pairing.

In addition, Alan is the current wine director/sommelier for Foreign Cinema Restaurant in San Francisco, where he has increased wines sales while reducing inventory, updated selections to reflect the clientele, and improved systems and “time to table” for wine service.

Previous experience included wine consultant for Octavia & Frances Restaurants, wine director at Jardinière Restaurant and Mourad Restaurant, and wine director and general manager of Masa’s Restaurant, all in San Francisco. While at Masa, Alan achieved a Wine Spectator Best of Award of Excellence. He also served as an adjunct instructor at the International Culinary Center in New York City.