Eve Turow-Paul, Guest Innovator at the CIA's Food Business School

Eve Turow-Paul

Author, Founder and Executive Director, Food For Climate League

Eve Turow-Paul is an author and globally-recognized thought-leader who focuses on the intersection of food culture, the Digital Age, and well-being. By blending qualitative and quantitative methods, Turow-Paul explores the ‘why’ behind today’s biggest food and lifestyle trends. Turow-Paul utilizes her decade of empirical research to advise Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and independent entrepreneurs on how to connect with and better serve people in the Digital Age, particularly Millennials and Generation Z.

Eve Turow-Paul is the author of Hungry: Avocado Toast, Instagram Influencers, and Our Search for Connection and Meaning (BenBella, 2020) and a Forbes contributor. Her writing on food trends and human behavior has appeared in a number of publications including The Chicago Tribune, Plate, The Village Voice, on The Atlantic, Refinery29, Huffington Post, and more. Eve was prominently featured in the documentary film WASTED! The Story of Food Waste, which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival. Eve is the founder and executive director of the Food for Climate League, a non-profit research collaborative re-thinking the food and climate narrative to democratize sustainable eating.

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Why Are Millennials So Obsessed With Food? Writer Eve Turow Has A Theory.

A Taste of Generation Yum is a book exploring the food-enraptured tendencies of millennials. In addition to sitting down with food luminaries like Anthony Bourdain, Mark Bittman and Michael Pollan, Turow spent a significant amount of time speaking with “yummers,” as she calls them — millennials who are devoted to food in one of three ways.