From Concept to Shelf: Rapid Innovation for Consumer Packaged Goods

From Concept to Shelf: Rapid Innovation for Consumer Packaged Goods

Innovation Intensives


2 days

Brief Description

Do you have the next big food idea? Now bring it to life! From the first edible prototype to a fully formulated and scalable business, here is the ultimate 2 day course to get your food product on track.

Whether you are a first time food entrepreneur in need of guidance or a food veteran who wants to learn from other experienced food professionals, here you will have the chance to go deep and collaborate. You will learn the most recent thinking in innovation as well as have the opportunity to work one-on-one with master formulators, supply chain experts, rapid prototyping pros, innovation mavens and branding specialists to test, evolve and transform your food vision into a food reality.

By the end of From Concept to Shelf, you'll come away with a strategic execution plan and frame work of your big idea ready to take to partners, management, funders, and distribution-chain decision makers. The course team includes Chris Cornyn, Chief Innovation Officer of BEFORE Brands, and Amy Klein, VP Innovation at Revolution Foods as well as dynamic expert panelists in every core food discipline. Come and launch your next idea!

Chris Cornyn

Lead Faculty | Chief Innovation Officer of BEFORE Brands

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Your Takeaway

  • How to conduct better, faster, cheaper market research using tech-enabled consumer testing methods
  • Create category-killer products using cutting edge skills and processes
  • Devise a rock-solid innovation plan for your food concept that’s viable, feasible and desirable

Location, Dates & Fees

The Culinary Institute of America at Copia, Napa, CA

Nov. 30 - Dec. 1
$1,500 USD Individual
$2,500 USD Team of Two

Special tuition pricing available for CIA Alumni.
For more information, contact our Admissions Team at or 1-866-242-9876.

Application Deadline: November 23


Personalized Mentorship
Available to all enrolled learners and our alumni, the FBS 1:1 Mentor Network connects you to top leaders in the food industry. See our full list of mentors and learn more about the platform here.

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Who It's For

If you’ve got an idea for a new packaged food product you’re sure the world needs or that just might be the next big category breakthrough, this Innovation Intensive is for you. This two-day Innovation Intensive will equip you with a pressure-tested innovation plan, fresh insights, a valuable network of friends and collaborators, and the confidence you need to go from start-up to sustainable business.

  • Chris Cornyn

    Sales, Marketing, and Distribution

    Food Business

  • Chris Cornyn

    Sales, Marketing, and Distribution

    Food Business


How do you turn a great food idea into a product on a grocery store shelf?

From Concept to Shelf is an inspiring, invigorating blend of short lectures, group discussion, and guided, hands-on teamwork to speed your concept into a product ready to take to market.

Over the course of two days, under the experienced hands of our industry-leading faculty-entrepreneurs, you’ll learn to use design thinking and lean launch methods to connect with your customer, determine which of your ideas has the most potential, maximize your ROI, and most of all, get your product on the shelf!

From Concept to Shelf will take you on a deep dive into all aspects of the product brand experience–packaging, merchandising, distribution strategies, partner strategies–and how to make sure you’ve got the right elements for success.

Our “rinse and repeat” iteration process will equip you with a battle-tested innovation launch plan for your product designed to break through the competition, and go straight to the consumer.

What you’ll get:

  • Challenged on the “WHY?” of your innovation
  • Articulate core values as competitive advantages
  • Deep dive into fresh and actionable consumer insights
  • Introduction to ‘better, cheaper, faster tech-enabled’ consumer testing methods
  • Survey of packaging innovations along with contacts to leading suppliers
  • De-risking practices using design thinking and lean-launch methods

You bring your ideas. We give you momentum. Together we make them more likely to succeed.


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