Robyn Rutledge, The Food Business School Advisory Council Co-Chair.

Robyn Rutledge

Founder & CEO, SBG Consulting

Robyn Rutledge finds no contradictions between her love for good food and drink and her deep passion for health and wellness. Often teased by her friends for her policy to always BYOT (“bring your own turmeric”), Robyn is constantly researching ingredients and recipes that can profoundly impact one’s state of health and wellbeing. Robyn is Founder & CEO of SBG Consulting. She also joined TSG Consumer Partners in 2007, a leading strategic equity firm. She focused on sourcing and structuring transactions in the consumer industry, and helped guide innovative and differentiated food and beverage companies and their management teams tackle both high-level strategic and day-to-day challenges. Prior to TSG, Robyn was a member of the investment team at Thoma Cressey where she focused on the consumer products and marketing services sectors. Robyn’s career in finance and investing started in New York as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs.

Robyn was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and received a B. Comm with First Class Honors from Queen’s University in Kingston. She also holds an MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business, where she was an Arjay Miller Scholar and slipped in time to intern in the wine industry. When not at her desk, you will likely find Robyn outdoors, running or biking, sipping wine with her husband Rob or chasing her highly-energetic, parkour-loving toddler around the playground.

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