Glenn Carroll

Glenn Carroll

Professor of Organizations and Senior Associate Dean, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Glenn Carroll is the Laurence W. Lane Professor of Organizations, and Senior Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. Glenn is trained as a sociologist and holds a courtesy appointment in Stanford’s Department of Sociology. Glenn also holds a part-time appointment in Durham Business School, Durham University, U.K.

Glenn’s research addresses basic questions of organizational theory, strategic management, and organizational and industrial evolution. His most recent project studies socially constructed authenticity—how consumers and others value authenticity, how consumers search for authenticity in products and services, and how consumers interpret organizational behavior and structure as reflecting authenticity. A major focus of this research concerns food, drink, and dining. Current studies look at micro-distilling and bean-to-bar chocolate makers.

In 1985, Glenn predicted the subsequent rise of the microbrewery in an article in the American Journal of Sociology. He wrote, “…the US market appears ready for an upsurge of specialist breweries.”  Glenn has published cases on the Mendocino Brewing Company, Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, Cocoa Pete’s Chocolate Adventures, Illycaffeè and Gruppo illy, Attune Foods, and Coppersea (a microdistillery).

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Why the Microbrewery Movement?

A look at the dramatic increase in the number of small specialty brewers in the US beer brewing industry in recent decades, even as the market for beer became increasingly dominated by mass‐production brewing companies.