Steven Goldstein, faculty at the CIA's Food Business School

Steven Goldstein

Brand Innovation and Change Leader

Steven has always been fascinated by the connection between brands and consumers: the way people behave, react to stimulus, and make the choices that they do. He’s studied changes in consumer behavior for nearly 30 years, especially in the food, beverage, retail, and leisure markets, and is continually amazed by what captures the imagination, and where experiential value resides.

Steven has had the pleasure of working with c-suite and senior executives in organizations that include Starbucks, Panera Bread, Jack in the Box, Burger King, Cineplex (CN), Applebee’s, AMC Theatres, Grupo VIPS (Spain), Nando’s, Zoe’s Kitchen, and Organic Girl, leading project teams in creating the brand, guest experience, product and operational strategies and tactics that helped achieve business goals.

Guiding project teams through business challenge definition, consumer and marketplace research, insight generation, and directives creation that yields optimized products and services, and compelling experiences…the experiences that change behavioral patterns…not just for the profit of a brand, but for the benefit of the consumer. This is what Steven does best.

With an eclectic background in entrepreneurship, consulting, and leading strategy development, he thrives at the intersection of business objectives, creativity, and purposeful change. From startups to multi-billion-dollar organizations, Steven has delivered results by building lasting client relationships, and leading the development of impactful business solutions.