Sangita Forth, Guest Innovator at the CIA's Food Business School

Sangita Forth

Start Up Advisor; Former Chief Marketing Officer, Pendulum Therapeutics

Sangita is a mission-driven brand builder and entrepreneur at heart with a proven-track record of driving exponential business growth through brand strategy, omni-channel marketing and product innovation. Her brand experience spans from managing world-class brands at Kraft Foods and General Mills to growing early-stage challenger brands, Method Products, Plum Organics, and Revolution Foods. Sangita has advised for high growth food brands including Oceans Halo, Somersault Snacks, Dang Foods, A2 Milk Company, and Pique Tea. Sangita most recently served as chief marketing officer at Pendulum Therapeutics. Hired by the board, she led the commercialization and launch of the Pendulum brand and its first medical probiotic for type 2 diabetes. Sangita is currently the general manager of First & Foremost PBS, a patent-pending line of multivitamins designed for optimal bioavailability.

Sangita also is an active board member for The Town Kitchen, Horizons at SFFS and member of The Women on Boards Project. Sangita received her BS from Carnegie Mellon University and MBA from the Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania. In her free time, she loves exploring the Bay Area with her husband, three children, and labradoodle, Chutney.

Courses, Events & Writings

ONLINE COURSE: Mission-Driven: Building A Values-Based Food Brand