Kristin Groos Richmond, Guest Innovator at the CIA's Food Business School

Kristin Groos Richmond

CEO and Co-Founder, Revolution Foods

“Our mission from the beginning was to provide healthy, affordable, delicious food to all kids.”

Kristin Groos Richmond founded Revolution Foods in 2005 with Kirsten Tobey to transform the way we feed our students. Kristin continues to lead the growth of the Company which now serves over one million freshly prepared meals every week, across the country and recently, into grocery stores.

Prior to founding Revolution Foods, Kristin’s career spanned from corporate finance to education reform including co-founding the Kenya Community Center for Learning and serving as Vice President at RISE. Kristin was on the White House Council for Community Solutions and is an Aspen Institute Entrepreneurial Leaders In Public Education Fellow, an Education Pioneers Fellow and an Ashoka Fellow. She is a board member of Lighthouse Community Charter School and UC Berkeley’s Global Social Venture Competition. Kristin was named a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and, with Kirsten, is one of Time Magazine’s Education Activists of 2011. Kristin has a BS from Boston College and an MBA from UC Berkeley. She currently lives in Mill Valley with her husband and two sons.

Courses, Events & Writings

Forty Under 40: Kristin Groos Richmond (Biz Journals)

Kristin Groos Richmond, an member of San Francisco Businesses Times 40 under 40 list and co-founder & CEO, Revolution Foods Inc., shares insight into her work ethic, inspirations, goals and daily routines.

Lifting Schools, via Healthier Food (New York Times)

Kristin Groos Richmond writes biographical information about her early life and educational career. She also discusses how she met her business partner Kirsten Tobey and their current program that provides nutritious meals in schools.

School Food Biting Commentary (Economist)

Kristin Groos Richmond created a school-dinners company called Revolution Foods that used healthy and locally produced food. It is based in Oakland California and serves one million meals a week in nearly 1,000 schools across America. Most of its customers are public schools.

Kristin Richmond and Kirsten Tobey: The Foodies (Time)

Revolution Foods, provides healthy (and tasty) school lunches to low-income students in cities on both coasts. According to Time the Kristin/Kirsten duo is the first private business in this field to achieve a sustainable business model.

6 Companies That Are Growing Rapidly While Doing Good (Fast Company)

Sometimes, social responsibility is sacrificed in the name of keeping companies afloat. But these six companies, dubbed Rockstars of the New Economy by B Lab, have achieved three to 100 times revenue or job growth while maintaining a high environmental and social impact. That’s success.