Justin Siegel, CIA faculty at the Food Business School

Dr. Justin Siegel

Acting Director, Innovation Institute for Food and Health, UC Davis

Dr. Justin Siegel is the acting Director of the Innovation Institute for Food and Health at the University of California, Davis and founder of two companies. Dr. Siegel’s scientific efforts are on the design and discovery of enzymes of interest to modern society. Currently he works with an international community on the development of Rosetta computational methodology for predicting and designing macromolecular structures, interactions, and functions. Using this methodology he has successfully engineered and discovered numerous enzymes catalyzing a wide range of reactions.

His educational background includes a bachelor’s of science degree from UC Davis and a doctorate from the University of Washington, Seattle. He has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the Sloan Research Fellowship in 2014.

Courses, Events & Writings

Justin Siegel in the lab, CIA faculty at the Food Business School
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